At the heart of Discovery Parks are happy people: happy customers and happy staff.  We are building a passionate, adaptable, high performance team that works together to help our customers discover what matters.


Discovery DNA


We understand the importance of employing the right people for the job and we take pride in our recruitment process, investing the necessary time and resources to ensure the best outcomes. Importantly, we recognise our people are key to achieving our goals of providing high quality accommodation and superior customer service to every guest who stays at one of our parks.

We aim to maintain a positive, supportive and encouraging work environment for all our employees. We provide a variety of opportunities, designed to help our people succeed in their roles and maximise their potential. This starts with a robust induction process and continues to build throughout an employee’s career. We are committed to developing capability across all levels of Discovery Parks with a focus on leadership development and career management for the future.

Most of all, we believe in a positive work environment built on a culture of continuous learning and empowering our people to excel. This enables us to deliver on our promises of great customer service, higher job satisfaction, improved company morale and continued success.



Journey of Discovery Advertiser Article 17/11/2018