Occupational Health & Safety

Discovery Parks is committed to providing an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy place of work for all employees and contractors, thereby ensuring the same environment for guests and visitors at any Discovery Park. Our employees are our most valuable asset and as such, their safety and health is our first priority. Safety is essential to all business functions and is never compromised under any circumstance.

To ensure we develop a safe and healthy workplace, Discovery Parks provides all employees with training and instruction on safe work practices. This education program includes both eLearning and on the job training and occurs at induction and throughout a staff member's employment.
Discovery Parks maintains a comprehensive set of policies and procedures which establish the parameters and best practice methods for undertaking work and maintaining our properties. All Discovery Parks' policies and procedures are reviewed regularly ensuring they remain compliant and relevant to the business.

The development of efficient and user friendly work practices for employees is a key driver in the delivery of a safety rich culture throughout our multi-site structure. The geographic diversity of our business dictates that our employees work in a variety of unique and often remote locations. This coupled with ever changing environmental factors means each property presents its staff with unique challenges. For this reason, we assess each location individually to ensure that the best practice methods are appropriate for its situation.

In addition, the use of our web-based compliance management system facilitates the identification, tracking and management of risks and hazards throughout our properties. This system ensures efficient, accurate and thorough monitoring of hazards and the methods used to control and eliminate them.

The combination of these practices supports our ongoing commitment to providing a safe and harmonious work environment for all Discovery Parks employees and contractors, resulting in creating a safe and enjoyable environment for our guests.