Discovery Social Responsibility


As Australia’s largest regional accommodation provider we are committed to growing, supporting and protecting regional communities. From the recent devastating impact of the bushfires, followed by cyclones and floods, we stand with these communities as they recover from the impact and have a range of initiatives in place to support the cause. From providing emergency accommodation assistance to supporting the Salvation Army Disaster Recovery campaign, we want to help those impacted by the devastation.

We are a major tourism employer and are committed to developing our people and providing career pathways for regional Australians. We work to raise awareness of the important leadership role women play in the holiday parks sector and the opportunities for corporate training and entrepreneurship for young people in regional areas.

The G’DAY Group also invests significant capital into improving infrastructure in regional communities. For every dollar spent on regional accommodation, $2 is generated for regional economies, as ensuring we continually upgrade and develop our properties is important to regional prosperity.

Every Discovery Park is committed to their local community. Each park forms close ties with local businesses, suppliers and tourism industry peers to create sustainable communities that are great places to live, work and visit.

To support the local communities our parks strive to source produce, supplies and services from local businesses and assist local charities and volunteer groups by becoming actively involved in events, initiatives and fundraising.

Discovery Parks are visited by thousands of guests sharing holidays and creating memories every year, as well as being an integral part of the day to day life of regional workers. A community spirit and unity is instilled in each and every Discovery Park, making our parks special places to stay. To us, our guests and their families come first.

At Discovery Parks, our people and the sustainability of our environment and workplace are important to us. We take special care to maintain an organisational culture of environmental awareness and safety through continued education and implementation of strategies and action.

We minimize adverse environmental impacts by focusing on effective and efficient energy management, paper usage and paper waste management, general waste management, water conservation and pollution prevention.

Our people are encouraged to take action to preserve the environment through measures such as using energy efficient appliances, recycling or reusing materials where possible, conserving water through low flow taps and showers and dual flush toilets, rainwater harvesting and treatment systems, as well as landscaping with drought-tolerant native plant species.

Where practical, each Discovery Park acts to limit carbon emissions from transport by consolidating shipments, buying 'closer to home', choosing shippers who actively use practices that are environmentally sound and avoiding air freight.