Capability Statement

Workforce & Business Accommodation Solutions

Discovery Parks is a market leading provider of customised and fully integrated accommodation solutions, wherever business takes you.

The services we provide define us as a company. We offer more than accommodation – our primary commitment is to support your people, so they can perform to targeted standards.

Industries Served:

  • Mining & Resources
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Retail & Trade

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Discovery at a Glance

  • Australia’s largest accommodation owner and operator
  • 1500+ employees across australia at june 2019
  • Over 18,000 meals served every week
  • Over 15.8m guests in the last 5 years
  • Over 1,700 rooms
  • Over 7,300 sites
  • Over 3,200 cabins

Capabilities map


Discovery for Workstay

We understand the unique needs of remote workforce teams. Discovery Parks’ diverse network of properties are ideally located in a range of unique destinations, ready to cater for workforce groups from 5-70 or large teams of up to 300+ people.

Our WorkStay team has a strong commitment to offering personal service specifically tailored to the needs of people working away from home. At the end of a long day, we know your team needs a comfortable, relaxed environment to return for rest and recovery.

Discovery for Business

We can help you do business wherever you need to be. Discovery Parks specialise in providing self-contained accommodation for business travellers in some of Australia’s most unique locations. You may choose to stay in single rooms, cabins or motel style rooms and enjoy 4-4.5 star features. Discovery Parks also offer excellent facilities for meetings, presentations, conferences and corporate functions. 

Discovery for Village Management

To manage the challenges and unpredictability of remote work locations, you need a specialised team. After more than 10 years as Australia’s largest accommodation owner and operator, Discovery Parks has assembled a highly skilled team committed to delivering service excellence and tailored workforce accommodation solutions.

We are proud to lead our industry sector in village management expertise and continually build on our offering to keep pace with industry and workforce needs.

Discovery for Catering

If your workforce spends weeks away from home, they’re also missing out on the everyday comfort of a home cooked meal. Our catering team is more than able to meet the task, regularly serving up to 16,000 meals a week across our diverse portfolio of parks and remote villages.

Discovery Parks Catering boasts a handpicked team of experienced and dedicated cooks who understand the importance of eating well, no matter where you are in the world.


Download our full Capabilities Statement Brochure