About Us

At Discovery Parks, it's not about us; it's all about you. We are committed to providing you with the best holiday experiences in the country - good times and great memories.

It’s about uncovering new and different things. It is about anticipation, excitement & joy.

It is about new places and new faces. We say, Discover what matters.

As the largest owner and operator of lifestyle holiday parks in Australia, we understand what you are looking for in a location. Since the inception of our holiday park group in December 2004, we have sought out the most outstanding parks in the outback, on the waterfront or alongside national parks all across Australia.

Our holiday park locations are as diverse and accessible as the wide-open country we’re proud to call home. We’ll help you enjoy more of the places and spaces that make our parks so authentic. Whoever you are, and wherever you’re heading – get ready to create memories and experiences that will last for generations to come. Why not become a G'DAY Rewards member?

Discovery Parks has over 60 parks around the country, with a support office based in Adelaide, South Australia.If you are interested in becoming a part of the Discovery team, click here to find out more about current employment opportunities.


Discovery Parks Values


HONESTY - Discover your true smile and experience Mutual Trust

ACCOUNTABLE - Discover your owning-it smile and experience Credible Success

VALUE - Discover your extra smile and experience Making a Difference 

EVERYONE - Discover your all-in smile and experience Team Loyalty

FACTUAL - Discover your knowing it smile and experience Leading Reputation 

UNFORGETTABLE - Discover your one-in-a-million smile and experience Magic Moments

NUMBER ONE - Discover your winning smile and experience Dream Results